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Build websites that load faster, and speed up the process of building them.

NOTE: For some reason panel select field selection is invisible to Windows inbuilt screen recorder. But it is there.

Design and build your website visually.

Intuitive content editing that doesn’t sacrifice on functionality.


Create layouts in endless variations with this section.

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Full width text - image.

The section you will love, we are completely sure of that.

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Section featuring new Kirby CMS Editor with few more options.

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Say it loud, so everybody can hear you.

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Call to action.

Make visitors click where you want them to click.

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Full width image.

There is nothing mysterious here. It’s an image, but full width.

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Full width video.

Supporting self-hosted and iframe third party video.

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Display photos of any purpose as a lightbox gallery.

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Everybody like sliders, especially if they are smooth like these.

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Clients love slideshows. Well, don’t worry, we got you covered.

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Latest articles.

Display the latest posts on any page with Page Builder.

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Latest projects.

Display the latest projects on any page with Page Builder.

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